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Path to Plunder is a casual, every pirate for themselves, game.  Ready your cannons and hoist the sails. Recruit crew and improve your ship. Prepare to make alliances and break them. The seas are unforgiving, and so are pirates. In this game players sail around the islands, collecting treasure and fighting off foes. Collect treasure chests to win, and become the richest pirate on the seas!

  • 2-8 players
  • Ages 8+
  • Easy to learn
  • Party/social game
  • 20+ minutes
  • 8 different scenarios
  • Over 70 unique deck upgrades
  • Original ship pieces

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Kickstarter information

Path to Plunder is coming to Kickstarter in 2021!

More information on what’s included and tiers/rewards coming soon. 

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